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Warm and Cosy Bear Heatable

Heatable Warmers

Pack Size: 6pk



Go for the ultimate classic soft toy with the adorable bear.  WIth fur this soft and fine, even you will have trouble relinquishing your grip and handing it over to your little one. And with a scented lavender tummy insert infused wtih pure essential oil, this cuddly hottie brings a much needed update to the famed teddy of yesteryear for a warm, scented snuggle that will have you clinging on to it for hours.

One minute in the microwave for the removable tummy and you'll send your own little bears to a restful hibernation aided by natural lavender scents and a hug from a velvety new friend.

Big Bear Hugs all round - Order yours today.

Dimensions: Bear Size: Standing: 34.5cm